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For the Modern Mama

Our courses were created to empower mothers with the nutrition they need to thrive during all phases of motherhood.

The best part is, they were designed to be completed from the comfort of your couch, or while on-the-go.

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We know you're busy and the demands on your time are only increasing. Which means, you don't have time to scour the internet, read every single book on motherhood, or visit 10 different practitioners while growing a child and carrying on with your everyday life. 

So we've compiled the best expertise from qualified nutritionists and pelvic floor physiotherapists, personal experiences, and the latest research, to save you valuable time and energy. Below you'll find TGM's signature courses, covering everything you need to know to look and feel your best.

Which Course is Right for You?

Enroll in a single course or grab them both.

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Pregnancy Course

Supercharge your baby’s health through all 3 trimesters

Perfect for the woman who is planning to get pregnant or who is already pregnant. Learn how to nurture your baby from the start and prime your body for the healthiest possible delivery.

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Postpartum Course

Deeply Nourish Your Recovery So You Can Thrive In the 4th Trimester and Beyond

Intended for the woman who is currently pregnant, approaching delivery, just gave birth, &/or is already postpartum. Discover how to naturally replenish your body’s depleted stores and truly care for yourself. 

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After completing TGM’s courses, you will feel empowered, confident in your nutrition and in awe of your incredible body. 

Your Investment

Our courses range from $397 to $675 for the course bundle. We offer payment plans to suit your needs so you can start your learning experience whenever you need it most.


Do I Need Both Courses?

Depending on where you are along your motherhood journey, here’s why it’s best to double-up on your TGM experience.

The courses work together as a synergistic method, and they naturally flow from one into the other.

For example, if you’re planning on having children close together, or you’ve recently just had a baby and would like to try soon for another, the postpartum course is perfect because you’ll learn all the ways to replenish your body and prevent postpartum depletion.

It will further compliment and segue back into the pregnancy course where you’ll learn all the ways to boost your health and get the best possible start for your next pregnancy. 

We've worked hard to bring you courses that are sound across multiple disciplines as well as peer reviewed by fellow experts in their space. Below is a list of collaborators, partners, and early adopters who have supported &/or contributed to The Gaia Method. 

from the experts:

"This is such important information for all moms."


Dr. Liz Martin, DPT, The Mama PT
Rachelle Bonneville, PT, The Cheerful Pelvis
Julia Samson, Doula


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